Joe is a landscape photographer. He is obsessed with anything outdoors (his happy place), and he will spend hours in a spot to take a single photo with the perfect lighting. He had his first paid work at the age of 8 when he helped take portraits at a wedding with his mom! He's won multiple contests and has a fantastic eye for what he does. 

You can follow him @JoeRoper.co


Alex is a portrait photographer. She loves people in love and wants to capture it as much and as often as she can! She has been obsessed with capturing  moments for years, but decided to pursue professional photography in early 2017! She loves being around people and helping them to see their beauty, and photography is a perfect way to fulfill that! 

You can follow her @Alexandra.Roper


Together we love to explore and see as much of this beautiful world as we can! We love to laugh, play, and have fun, and we want this to be a place  where our trips and photos can be showcased. 

♡ Come join us on our adventure!

Youtube | @Alexandra.Roper | @JoeRoper.co


Feel free to say "hi"! If you have any questions, comments or feedback, let us know!

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