Alexandra Roper

2018 Review

Alexandra Roper
2018 Review

WHAT A YEAR 2018 HAS BEEN! I honestly think this is the “biggest” year we’ve had so far, and it’s been the year with the most learning experiences yet, which I’m grateful for. We’ve had super high “ups” and pretty low “lows”, but I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

January: I started the year strong by staffing a Part 2 Be You Training and making some amazing friends, all while saying goodbye to one of my best friend as she moved to Nebraska. (I GET TO SEE HER IN LIKE, 10 DAYS THOUGH)

February: My phone broke during March’s highlight (see below) and I don’t really have any photos to reference this month, but it was probably pretty swell.

March: We had the amazing opportunity to go to Disneyworld for Joe’s work and HOLY CRAP IT WAS THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE. We got to do a VIP tour and skip all the lines and go through secret passageways. I ugly cried during the fireworks because it was just amazing and I was literally EXPLODING with gratitude.

April: We got to experience the emotional roller-coaster that’s involved when BUYING A HOUSE. We got our little Rylie dog and settled in.

May: We got another dog. I bet Joe I could wait ONE WHOLE MONTH after buying the house before getting another dog and I proved him right….barely ;).

June: Our dogs wrecked our house on a daily basis, but it’s okay because they’re SO CUTE. I SAW KESHA AND MACKLEMORE IN CONCERT AND MY LIFE WAS MADE. I also staffed a teens training with my favorite humans and it was the best thing ever. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS YEAR’S.

July: We got to go to what is now my most favorite place on the planet, Lake Powell, for the first time ever. It was amazing and I will cherish every moment of that trip! I took very little photos the whole time though, but you betcha I got one of THE FIRST FISHY JOE HAS EVER CAUGHT….and of him wiping out ;). Joe is now the happy owner of a motorcycle (which I only have videos of) and I’m now the most stressed out wife in the world. Also, I ran into Donnovan Mitchell at Protein House and that was a pretty sweet moment as well that I just want to throw on in there :)

August: Katie (Joe’s biological sister, but also my sister) stayed with us for a big chunk of this month and it was fun having a sister around (only child here) :) We ate out wayyyy too much, stayed up wayyyyyy too late, and took way too many pictures. :) OH! And we have a niece now!

September: POWELL PART 2! Not only did we get to go to Lake Powell ONCE this year, but we got to go TWICE. We ate lots of yummy food and came home with all sorts of weird tan lines. My heart is so happy there. We also went camping and got to eat at Hell’s Backbone Grill, which is always a highlight of anything. (I was so excited about the flowers on my food that I didn’t even notice that it wasn’t what I ordered until after I took photos of it)

October: Lots of haunted houses (JOE EVEN WENT TO ONE, WHUT) and photoshoots :) October was the busiest month I think I’ve ever had in my life. Personal and business related. Not a single day went by that didn’t have a list of things already planned out for me. I’m not exaggerating either. Literally. Every. Single. Day. I learned the importance of stepping away and making sure I’m taking care of myself.

November: We went to St. George and stayed in what is literally the worst hotel I’ve ever been in so I could go to a photography workshop, but it was worth it :). We went to Idaho and visited Katie and Mitch and rode scooters and chased ducks around. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with both sides of our family. I went to a Jazz game, spent time with friends, dealt with the loss of a loved one, and me and Joe celebrated FIVE YEARS of marriage (we look like such babies because we were)

December: This month started out pretty hectic, but it slowed down towards the end. I was able to soak in a lot of time with friends and family, which I’m forever grateful for.

Overall, this year was spent creating friendships, going on adventures, building a business, loving hard, missing people, and new learning experiences ALL OVER THE PLACE. We are grateful for the people in our lives who choose to experience this crazy life with us. And to anyone reading this, I wish you the bestest, happiest New Year ever. Let’s see what 2019 brings!


P.S. This post has taught me that I need to take more pictures with my phone ‘cause we have lots of other experiences, but no photos to show for it….