Alexandra Roper

Why I Began Photography - Alex

Alexandra Roper
Why I Began Photography - Alex


Early last year, me and one of my most favorite humans had a plan to workout together. The night before, I got a text from her and she said, "Alex! I want to take photos of you! We can take them in my bedroom!" I was just kinda like.... "What? Why? Me? Okay?". I gathered up three different outfits because I couldn't make up my mind and decided "Why not?" 

I got to her house and instantly we began to rearrange the furniture in her bedroom. I was kind of avoiding the situation because I thought I was totally going to be uncomfortable and not like the photos (self-esteem issues, man), but we continued anyways! 

She started taking the photos and her enthusiasm is OFF THE CHARTS! Her excitement made me SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM! I found myself giggling and hopping on her bed and just playing. I was carefree and felt so comfortable with myself, which was a rarity. We cycled through all of the outfits and had so much fun! I left feeling so energized and happy! 

A few days later, I received the edited photos and GUESS WHAT HAPPENED?! I loved them! I seriously found myself going through them and showing Joe being like, "Look how cute I am!" LIKE, WHAT!? WHO IS THIS PERSON WITH CONFIDENCE? I LOVE HER!  My self-esteem shot through the roof and I loved it! My friend, (holla at Arica) was able to create excitement, happiness, acceptance, and love all by taking photos. It was incredible and I wanted to be part of it! 


I'm extremely blessed with photographers in my life. I have Arica, who has been doing it for years. She's so talented and I LOVE her creativeness. I have my incredible mother-in-law who went to school for it and has been doing it longer than I've even been alive. Last, but certainly not least, I have my Joseph, who has been taught a lot by his momma since he was a little one and he knows his stuff. Each of these people were so down to help me when I told them I wanted to get into photography, and each person has taught me SO MUCH! And lucky for me, they're all so very different with their style and how they do things, so I've been able to learn so so SO many different things from each person to mold me into who I am and what I do. They've all taken me on practice shoots, showed me editing techniques, given me feedback for improvement, and supported me!

As soon as I decided to get into the world of photography, I hit the ground running and these three jumped at the chance to help me. I've been able to learn very quickly because I have wonderful teachers. 

I love photography because being able to make people feel powerful and confident is one of the greatest things I could ever do. Being around couples and seeing them giggle and love each other is beautiful. Capturing a moment that will be forever frozen in time, man, I JUST LOVE IT! 

... And none of this would have happened without Arica wanting to take these photos of me one day.