Alexandra Roper

New Years in Zion 2018

Alexandra Roper
New Years in Zion 2018

New Year's Didn't Go As Planned.... And That's Okay.

Joe and I spent our New Year's camping. The original plan was to spend our three days in Zion. Upon arriving at our campsite, we saw signs stating "MAJOR DELAYS" and "3 HOUR DELAYS".... WHAT. We decided we would spend that night exploring around our campsite as it was GORGEOUS. We would go to bed early, wake up early, and try to beat the crowd into the park.... AND WE DID! We got to where we needed to be at the exact time they were letting traffic into the park!

Eagle Crag Zion.JPG

We decided to pull our truck over to the side of the road and make our way down into a slot canyon. It was gorgeous! AND GUESS WHAT!? WE FOUND FALL! There were little pockets of beautiful orange and red fall leaves on little bushes as we were walking. I was in heaven!

We knew that there was no way we were going to go back out the way we came in, and we decided to go somewhere else for the night. We had NO idea what we were going to do. We were in such a central location, and our options were endless! We decided we would make our way to Kanab, UT, find something cool, and stay there for the night. AND WE DID.


I have never been to sand dunes before, but the Coral Pink Sand Dunes did not disappoint! Joe's goal was to find some pristine dunes that haven't been walked on or driven over to photograph, but that didn't work out so well. He began getting frustrated that what he was envisioning wasn't working out. We decided to put aside what we were 'trying to achieve', and just embrace where we were and what we were doing.

We PLAYED IN THE SAND. Like little kids. We laid in it, threw it up in the air, made our own 'mini dunes', walked in it (it was freezing, but felt SO good after walking in boots all day), drew in it, made sand angels, and just embraced the moment. We saw a gorgeous sunset and we were able to just take it in instead of worrying about equipment and "trying to get the perfect shot".

Fast Forward

Dinner time has come and we, of course, had no idea what to eat. We had planned on going out to eat because usually tourist food is the best food. I wanted Mexican, Joe wanted greasy diner food... and nothing was opened. Who would have thought places would be closed on New Year's Eve? Everywhere we had looked up and wanted to try wasn't open and we had no idea what to do. A Mexican food restaurant was opened, but Joe DID NOT want to eat there (he hates beans...). We ended up looking up places to eat and nothing sounded appealing of what was opened. Joe drove to the parking lot of the Mexican restaurant and we decided to look up the menu. Turns out it also has all sorts of American home-style meals. He got fried chicken, corn on the cob, and potatoes while I got a burrito. WHO. WOULD. HAVE. THOUGHT. The most unexpected place would have the most opposite types of food for two people. Nedra's, here's to you!

We set our tent up at our new site and decided to play UNO and relax until midnight and go to sleep. We HAD SO MUCH FUN. I won every single round! Joe was sneaky and almost won every time though. It was honestly one of the highlights of the entire trip for me. We ended up setting an alarm for 11:55 and sleeping straight through it. It's okay though!

A lot of things didn't go as planned on this trip, but those things opened up new experiences we would have otherwise not had. I am so grateful for detours that took us to Kanab where we played in the sand and found yummy food. I am so grateful for the extra down time we got to just snuggle, laugh, and be silly together. I am grateful for things not going exactly as planned.

2017 was an amazing year, and I can't even wait for what 2018 has to offer us!

♡ Alex