Alexandra Roper

Little Grand Canyon

Alexandra Roper
Little Grand Canyon

Joe and I had this big grand weekend planned to head down 6+ hours to a beautiful place in Arizona for the weekend. Once Thursday night hit and we realized that we didn't have anything ready for the trip, we decided to make it a little Saturday-Sunday trip and make our way to our favorite overnight place, The Wedge (AKA Little Grand Canyon). We also got to explore a lot of the other side of the San Rafael Swell, which is always a pleasure! 



We made our way down to the Wedge and decided to spend some time exploring around the Black Dragon petroglyphs. The road was a little gnarly, but it wasn't too hard for the truck to get down. Okay, so first off, the area around it is so cool. The rock walls are HUGE and made me feel so tiny. The petroglyphs themselves were also pretty cool. To the right of the black dragon ones, you can walk up to some other ones. There were tons of tally marks and I can't help but wonder what they all mean.  


Joe heard rumors of there being a nearby cave, so of course we went exploring to find it. With no luck, we made our way back to the truck. Then Joe decided, "I'm going to climb up this mountain of giant rocks because ya never know." I forgot to bring my hiking shoes (we forgot to bring a LOT of things on this trip), so I ended up staying back with the dog and getting snuggles and exploring the canyon. BUT GUESS WHAT! JOE FOUND THE CAVE! And it was really cool! (he said 'cause I didn't see it) He said it was about two football fields wide. How freaking cool is it that that behind this mountain of rocks is this massive cave?! 


After we were done exploring the area, we were debating whether or not to look at other things or try to get to The Wedge before sunset. Obviously for a photographer, sunset won. We got back, but the sunset didn't happen as we had hoped. There weren't really any colors. 

DINNER TIME: Okay, first of all, if you're cold and you don't have a campfire, a super delicious, warm meal is grilled cheese and soup! IT'S SO GOOD. When it's cold, it just hits the spot in a way that no other camping food that we've made before has. We use a little single burner camp stove and it works like a champ!

With no fire and no sky pretty sky, we went to bed early and watched a movie that we had downloaded on the computer. We made it about half-way through before I started falling asleep.


So generally, when we go camping, it's my job to get the tent put together and remove all of the stuff out of it so we can close it down and take off. Now typically, that takes a while because I'm avoiding going outside where it's cold. This time it took me about 10 minutes from waking up to being ready to fold that thing over because I had to pee real bad. Lesson learned: I am faster than I think I am. 



We took off and made our way to a little slot canyon that we explored looking for tunnels, but quickly learned we were in the wrong spot. Still pretty though, so s'all good! After that, we finally took off to Swasey Cabin... Which was pretty cool also. We spent a ton of time in the area looking for ice caves that we never found. Later we discovered that they were just down the road from where we were looking. SO if you ever find yourself out there, there ARE ice caves! Find them and then show me pictures because I want to see what we couldn't find. Except knowing Joe. and knowing that he now knows were to look now, it's only a small matter of time before we do find them. 

After all of the searching for things on this trip and only finding 1/3, we took off, still feeling pretty happy with the circumstances and the things we found and places we've seen. OH WE ARE PRETTY SURE WE SAW A COUGAR. It definitely had cat ears and a tail. It was very large and VERY FAST (I learned that I would 100% die if a cougar was after me). We tried looking up the footage of it on the dash cam, but it basically just looks like a dot. Still really cool though! 

If you are ever looking for an overnight trip, check out The Wedge. You won't regret it ;)



  • Hiking shoes
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage bags
  • Pillows (never again)
  • Extra shirt for Joe
  • Ketchup
  • Peanut butter